PP Pumps


We are a main manufacturer and supplier of Centrifugal PP Pump.

Plan: Horizontal, profoundly split, one piece volute packaging outline, Fitted with a semi open impeller, single passage single stages. Following Standers of PIN 24256/ISO 5199

Material of Construction of Polypropylene Pumps:

  • Packaging, Impeller, Back Plate: PP/GRP/UHMWPE/PVDF
  • Shaft Sleeve: GRP/Ceramic/Alloy-20/Hast Alloy B/C
  • Bearing Bracket: C. I. GRFG – 26
  • Shaft: SS/EN9
  • Course: Double Ball Bearing

Fixing Options of PP Pumps:

  • Remotely Mounted Mechanical Seal
  • Inside Mechanical Seal
  • Organ Packing
  • Components:
  • Intended to suit to a great degree destructive obligations all the while and Chemical Industries
  • Reasonable for nonstop Service
  • Self Venting sort packaging
  • Progressively and using pressurized water adjusted impeller with streamlined profile vanes
  • Pump packaging is furnished with outer metal ring for development dependability
  • Temp. Range is dependent upon 120oC

Applications of pp pumps :

  • Water Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Electroplating, Pickling, and Steel moving factories.
  • Fantastic for exchange and stacking – emptying like HCL, Sulphuric Acid/Alkali, Caustic Liquid.
  • Cleaning of destructive gasses like NH3, CO2, SO3, SO2, I2, F2, Br2, CI2, and so forth.
  • For Handling fluids in different enterprises like Textile, Paper, Cellulose, Sugar, Steel, Food Having temperature extend, materials, and so on.
  • Perfect for Circulation of Chemical in metal completing industry
  • Characteristic decision for pickling line and scrubber in steel plants
  • High limit exchange pump, channel press for colors and chemicals, descaling, oil and different powers

Polypropylene Pumps offered contains erosion safe and profoundly useful range that accompany exact building support and vitality effectiveness which encourages these to convey adjusted execution. Arriving in a scope of impeller distance across choices for each pump measure according to the execution prerequisites, these can likewise be furnished with various stream rates which make them reasonable to be utilized as a part of industry areas like pharmaceutical and paper and mash enterprises. Further, these pumps are additionally appropriate for the distribution of chemicals in pickling and electroplating plants.

Components of pp pumps:

  • Consumption safe and exceptionally utilitarian scope of polypropylene pumps
  • Including exact building support and vitality productivity that conveys adjusted execution
  • Arriving in a scope of impeller breadth choices for each pump estimate according to the execution pre requisites
  • Highlighting distinctive stream rates which make them reasonable to be utilized as a part of industry segments like pharmaceutical and paper and mash businesses
  • Additionally appropriate for distribution of chemicals in pickling and electroplating plants
  • Giving better working support than scouring destructive and forceful gasses like Cl2
  • Coming fitted with seal/organ or PTFE roar mechanical seal for predominant working support
  • Shafts of pumps offered with sleeves of various materials according to the similarity pre requisites with sort of fluid took care of
  • Pumps are anything but difficult to use and additionally temperate in operations

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